2010 Public Safety Leadership Platform

To read our 2010 Public Safety Leadership Platform A call to action for candidates and decision-makers click here.

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In the news:

Boston Globe Spotlight Series 5/23/2010, ‘An agency where patronage is job one’

Selected officials' connections to probation employees

A defiant probation chief is held in contempt

Boston Globe 5/24/2010, ‘Probation chief suspended in wake of Globe Spotlight reports’

Boston Globe 5/24/2010, ‘O’brien rise and reign defined by tenacity’

Boston Globe Editorial 5/24/2010, ‘To clean up patronage pit, probation boss must go’

Boston Herald 5/24/2010, ‘Gov. Patrick brands Probation Department ‘rogue’

Boston Herald 5/24/2010, ‘Mass. Probation Commissioner John O’Brien suspended’

The Republican 5/24/2010, ‘Probation Commissioner John O'Brien suspended as Mass. Treasurer Timothy Cahill explains decision to hire O'Brien's wife, daughter’

The Republican 5/24/2010, ‘Mass. Probation Commissioner O'Brien suspended

Boston Globe 5/25/2010, ‘Top Beacon Hill leaders meet on agency but emerge divided’

Boston Globe 5/25/2010, ‘ SJC picks Ware to lead investigation of troubled agency’

Boston Herald 5/25/2010, ‘Legislative leaders tap brakes on talk of probation reform’

Boston Herald 5/25/2010, ‘Patience runs out’

Boston Herald 5/25/2010, ‘Mass. Senate to consider probation agency changes

Worcester Telegram 5/25/2010, ‘Probation Dept. scrutinized’

Worcester Telegram 5/25/2010, Patronage ‘part of process’’

The Republican 5/25/2010, ‘Massachusetts Senate legislation would overhaul hiring and promotion practices in Probation Department’

Brookline Tab 5/25/2010, ‘Opinion: Task force should study Probation reform’ By Sen. Cynthia Stone Creem

Boston Globe 5/26/2010, ‘Senators propose probation regulations’

Boston Herald 5/26/2010, ‘Long arm of probation may reach Tim Cahill’

Boston Herald 5/26/2010, ‘Tackling Probation’

Boston Globe 5/29/2010, ‘Probation uproar fuels state campaigns’

Boston Globe 5/29/2010, ‘Stuck in a rut at Probation’

The Herald News 6/12/2010, ‘Crack down on crime by reforming sentences’

Boston Globe 6/22/2010, Probation: Tighten reins on a rogue department

Boston Globe 6/22/2010, Drug crimes: An incentive for rehabilitation

Audio/Video coverage:

Spotlight: On Probation Boston Globe 5/23/2010

John Larivee & Len Engel on The Emily Rooney Show 5/24/2010

Political impact of Probation Dept. shakeup 5/24/2010

WCVB 5/24/2010 Monday night news, ‘State Probation Chief Suspended

My Fox Boston 5/25/2010, ‘Probation Commissioner suspended over hiring concerns’

The Big Story: Probation chief suspended 5/25/2010

MA Lawmakers take action to reform Probation Department 5/25/2010

Elyse Clawson on WBUR 5/26/2010

CRJ’s Public Safety Leadership Platform and How You Can Get Involved

In November 2010, every major political office will be up for grabs in Massachusetts, and the competition is expected to be fierce. Such political tension opens the door for new ideas, deeper conversations about public policy, and plans for turning visions into reality.

CRJ is seizing this opportunity. We plan to use the 2010 elections to shape the next generation of public safety reform, and we need your help!

CRJ will call upon candidates in 2010 to endorse our Public Safety Leadership Platform (PSLP) and commit to working to improve community safety, save taxpayer dollars, and improve criminal justice outcomes -- by implementing evidence-based practices.

Drawing upon our recent report for the Boston Foundation, titled, “Priorities and Public Safety: Reentry and the Rising Costs of the Corrections System”, CRJ’s 2010 PSLP will call upon candidates to do the following, if elected:

  • Demand the use of evidence-based practices as the foundation for public safety policy, programs, and funding;
  • Target gaps in the adult and juvenile justice systems that are driving recidivism rates and identify the underlying system failures;
  • Redirect public safety agencies to make reducing recidivism a top priority;
  • Require public safety agencies to establish uniform data collection and information sharing protocols; and
  • Direct corrections’ resources to managing and preparing prisoners at high risk for re-offending for successful transition into the community when they are released.
With over a century of leadership as ‘issue expert’ and ‘direct care provider’, CRJ is ready to put itself on the line by making data-driven public safety an election issue in 2010. We’ll need supporters like you to ask candidates the tough questions along the campaign trail and to remind them of the commitments they made, once elected. Will you help?

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